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House Hunting with Wee Little Ones

If you search for homes in Arizona, with your children there are a few things you should know. If the children are ages 3-7, they will think that each home you are looking at will be theirs and will come with all the toys, furniture and playground equipment. They will also want to play on and with all the toys and swings they see. It is important to set your ground rules before you get out of the car at each house. No use explaining anything ahead of time. Children this age do not have an accurate conception of time.

  1. Be sure to tell them that you are only looking at the home. You are not moving in.
  2. Tell them not to touch the toys or things at the house and not to climb on any of the furniture. Ask them if they would like other kids playing with their toys and climbing on their bed right now, in their room. They will say no!
  3. Ask them what they like about the house and to pretend if you bought this house, which bedroom they would like to bring their bed and toys to and where they would like to put their swing set. Children love to feel valued (don’t we all?).
  4. Be sure they know to hold your hand and stay by your side the entire time.

A few more important factors when taking your wee little one’s home shopping:

  1. They will love every home with stairs! They just do!
  2. Pick a Realtor (us!) who loves and understands children. They will help you through this process. I have waited in the car with sleeping babies after I unlock the home. Sleeping babies are perfect babies!
  3. Always go back for a second look without the children (no distractions).
  4. Once you pick your dream home, take the wee little ones back and share the celebration with them!

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